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• EP of the Month: Drivers by Nick Leng

By Shafiq Mazlan, 27 July 2016


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• Up-And-Coming Band: Day Wave

By Shafiq Mazlan, 16 April 2016

Day Wave is an American indie rock band from Oakland, California, formed in 2015. The band consists solely of Jackson Phillips, with accompanying musicians for live performances. The band released their debut EP Headcase in 2015, and their second EP Hard To Read in March 2016.


I first heard Day Wave's "Drag" when a bunch of friends and I went out on an impromptu overnight camping trip to Pulau Ubin. After building our campfire and getting cosy in our Helinox chairs, Marx whipped out his Bose bluetooth speaker, paired it to Sacchi's phone, and the night was filled with chill music courtesy of Spotify. Aptly named "Campfire/Chill", it was the Spotify playlist which played Day Wave to me for the first time. When "Drag" played, I was instantly hooked. The sounds of gloomy Californian surf pop on the guitars coupled with reverberant vocals sounded like what would've been the love child of DIIV, Real Estate and The Drums; three bands which I absolutely love. When I got home after the camping trip, I went to look up Day Wave on YouTube and listened to the rest of their songs. "Gone" gave a similar vibe; I like how the song carries a haunting/gloomy sound, yet soothing at the same time. The next song I listened to was "You Are Who You Are", and hearing it for the first time gave me eargasms that took me into a state of musical euphoria. The accompanying background vocals in this song really hit my soft spots, and the guitars were layered seamlessly. Listening to this song took me to my happy place, but ironically in it I pictured myself being depressed. Paradoxical, but that was the imaginary visual picture I painted as a result of effervescent guitar tunes mixed with gloomy lyrics (as with most of his other songs, actually). Other notable songs include "Stuck", "Deadbeat Girl", and "We Try But We Don't Fit In" which resembled the sounds of The Vaccines, reminiscent of my frivolous secondary school days.

All in all, Day Wave carries his signature gloomy-yet-soothing sound across every single one of his songs, complemented with heavy effects on vocals, giving the band a rich, distinctive sound that is both somber and beautiful. The literature in most of his songs are rather depressing when you pay attention to the mostly minimal lyrics,but songs like "We Try But We Don't Fit In" and "You Are Who You Are" carry a more light-hearted tune, somewhat masking and overcoming the bitter lyrics, and giving balance to the EP/album. Day Wave makes music that is organic and interesting, associating to a variety of music styles such as chill, dream-pop, surf-pop, and gloom-pop to name a few. As of now, Day Wave only has 2 EPs "Headcase" & "Hard To Read" out, and we're excited to see what his debut album will have to offer.

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