Hey there! I'm Shafiq Mazlan, a 24-year-old Singaporean.

In 2013, this website was created as an online portfolio for me to feature my creative visual works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. I had a rather short but meaningful design stint for 2 years, undertaking many interesting projects and working with a broad spectrum of corporate and non-corporate clientele professionally. Eventually, I had to stop my eventful design chapter as I moved on to another journey in life.

As I go on my constant pursuit of new skills and knowledge, my interest in design and illustration still very much lives on. This website now serves as a platform for me to showcase original artworks which I occasionally create during my free time, to keep in touch with 
my creative side.

My professional experiences have now grown outside of the creative industry to the business industry, which include marketing, sales, investing and trading.

While I no longer undertake design projects and commissions, my works are still up for sale should you be interested. Feel free to contact me for any queries or discussions, and I also take delight in discussing anything of interest face to face. First round of coffees will be on me, of course 😉

Till then, thank you for visiting my humble page. Godspeed and have a jolly good day ahead!


© 2013 - Forever, Shafiq Mazlan. All Rights Reserved.

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